Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #27

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This weekend, my parents invited my brother's MIL and my own MIL. We shared a nice lunch at home. There was pancit (asian noodles), grilled pork, grilled eggplants, rosemary chicken, steamed bangus (milk fish), sliced green mango, tomatoes and salted eggs, and fruit salad. My brother's MIL brought palabok (another kind of noodles) and Black Forrest cake while my MIL brought freshly baked apple pie.

Yohan's cousins visited that afternoon. We don't have a sand box but that didn't stop the kids from improvising. They had fun playing in the soil at the side of our house.

Below is Yohan with his shovel and toy dump truck.

Here's my adorable niece, Sofie.

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