Sunday, May 18, 2008

Online Baby Contest

Parents are always ready with a camera to take memorable photos of their child's amazing, fun and amusing moments. I know this because I always carry a camera with me whenever we go out as a family. I never get tired of taking pictures of my son. I think children's milestones are best remembered in photos. I love pictures because I know when I get older, those photos will be one of my treasured possessions.

There's a cool photo contest online where you can share your child's photo. There are many wonderful prizes in store. The 2008 CuteKid of the Year Contest is a great place where you can proudly share unique and beautiful pictures of your child. You can get a chance to win fabulous prizes and there's a chance that your child can be discovered by a talent agent.

Here are three vital words that you should put in mind: smile, snap and show the world. Just three easy steps to take part of this exciting contest. There are several categories where you can enter your child in the contest: Baby (1-12 months), Toddler (12-24 months), Pre-schooler (2-4 years old), Big Kid (4-8 years old) and Pre-teen (8-12 years old). The 2008 CuteKid of the Year Contest is run on the calendar month. All photos submitted within a given month are entered for that specific month contest. The Grand Prize for the Cute Kid Contest is a whopping $25,000 College Tuition Fund.

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