Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Science Toys Combine Fun and Learning

My son just finished nursery and he will be in kinder garden this coming school year. At the age of four, he has a good sense of imagination and he loves learning about the things around him. I believe he has great interest in science because he is curious about so many things that he sees or encounters each day. Yohan is curious about living things such as plants, animals and insects. He is also interested about non-living things like cars, engines, robots and gadgets. He is also fascinated with things of the past particularly the dinosaur era. He just loves learning about different kinds of dinosaurs. I saw this cool Dinoscope. It includes facts about 40 of the most popular dinosaurs with great visual aids. I'm sure my son would adore it because he loves learning about these ancient creatures.

My son simply loves science toys because of the many interesting things he learns from them. There are wonderful science toys that are great tools in enhancing a child's education. By combining fun and learning, children can be encouraged to learn more.

I also think science kits are great educational tools. They allow children to apply the facts and theories they learn in school. I love science kits and toys because they strengthen a child's sense of exploration and imagination.

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