Monday, May 05, 2008

A Rewarding Christian Cruise

We all need a much needed break from a fast paced life. Life can be quite challenging with so many stress related problems around us. Problems can clog not only the brain but the inner spirit as well. A Christian Cruise aims to help individuals or groups enjoy a relaxed and laid back cruise. Visit beautiful islands around the world and find yourself spiritually enlightened.

Sometimes we need more than the usual vacation. There's some point in our lives where we want some time for reflection and chance to reaffirm our faith. Christian Cruises are perfect for this goal. You can enjoy the wonderful aspects of a tour and at the same time fulfill the need for spiritual growth.

Enjoy the luxuries of a cruise like bistro, restaurants, swimming pool, fitness center, massage/sauna, shopping arcade, boutiques and a salon. Feel the comfort of a relaxed atmosphere. Set your worries aside and consider Christian Cruises to give you the best of both worlds. Living Passages specializes in Christ centered programs, projects and events. Some events are conferences on board private ships or mission services. They have friendly and warm people ready to assist you. Have a relaxing and stress-free time out from everyday problems.

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