Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ideal Bathroom Vanities

We had our house built in 2000. It has almost been eight years but I still remember how my husband and I decided on every detail of our house. It might be small but we are very proud of our house. Having our own house is a blessing we are grateful for.

I remember how we enjoyed going to different home and furniture exhibits to get ideas for our house. We also bought many home style magazines and visited many stores to find ideal home decors and furnitures. It was fun, exciting but I admit it was also tiring and stressful at some point. Building your home takes a lot of consideration and patience. There were some decisions that didn't turn out as well as we planned it. We realized that building a home is a big learning experience.

My husband and I always made it a point to make decisions together. We consulted one another in decorating and choosing furniture and fixtures for every part of the house. Take for example the bathroom, we decided on every detail from the bathroom furniture to the bathroom cabinets. We have two bathrooms; one downstairs and another one upstairs. For the bathroom downstairs, we decided on simple and white tiles. We went around looking for the ideal bathroom vanity but couldn't find any that suited our preference. We went around checking for discounted bathroom vanities. My husband and I wanted to have enough space to put our things. We had difficulty finding the perfect style, shape and size of bathroom vanities in the market. To solve our problem, we decided to buy two under the counter sinks and had L-shaped granite counter tops fabricated. It was a great decision because we were able to get the style and measurements needed for our bathroom vanities for both upper and lower bathrooms.

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