Monday, May 26, 2008

Home Furniture

When we go to the mall, I enjoy going to stores that has furniture for sale. I just like looking at new furniture and sometimes I get good ideas on how to improve our home. I enjoy looking at different kinds of home furniture like living room, dining and bedroom furniture. I even find Home office furniture interesting. If we have extra money to have our house extended, I would love to have our own small office and study area.

The glass on our old round dining table got broken and we threw it away. I wanted to have the glass replaced so I asked our local glass supplier to go to our house to have our dining table measured. Sadly I was told that our wooden table top is not properly balanced which may be the reason why the glass broke. Perhaps due to its old age, the table top has worn out. The glass supplier said that chances are a new glass top might not last because of the condition of the wooden top. He advised us to buy a new table instead. I guess we need to buy new dining furniture soon.

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