Sunday, November 05, 2006

Small Treats

Tiny squares of carrot cake and oatmeal raisin bars make a yummy treat. How I wish I could eat a dozen of these delicious mini bars but I would probably end up regretting every high calorie bite. I try to be a good girl by eating only one of each. I convinced myself that two small servings won't do me any harm. Tell that to the weighing scale. Lucky are those who eat as their heart desires and never gain a pound. I have several friends like that. They enjoy eating without thinking of the consequences. I, on the other hand, is always in constant monitoring of my food. After losing 50 pounds, I don't want to gain a single pound back. But alas, I seemed to have gained a few pounds. I admit I've been eating a lot lately. Funny how I blame Jules for my weight gain because he always cooks my favorite food and bakes sweet desserts. I should practice more self discipline when it comes to food. Or else all the new clothes I bought might not fit anymore :D

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