Saturday, November 18, 2006

Choo Choo

Jules, Yohan and I had a splendid time at Time Zone. Yohan and I rode the train and carousel. He and his dad played some arcade games. They enjoyed shooting carnivorous cyber dinosaurs. I like the UFO catcher. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch any stuffed toy that day. Maybe next time. Jules did a solo on the 3D rotating arcade game (I forgot what it's called). He said it got tougher as the levels progressed so he wasn't able to finish the mission of the game. He didn't mind when he saw the Game Over sign. He was getting a little dizzy from all that swirling anyway.

Yohan enjoyed playing techno drums. We just let him beat the drums as he pleased since he didn't understand the screen prompts yet. The important thing was he had a wonderful time pretending to be a drummer.

When I was a child, I remember going to the amusement center with my parents and brother. We would go to Fiesta Carnival at Quezon City. I remember enjoying the airplane ride, carousel and mini ferris wheel. I had a wonderful childhood, thanks to my parents.

I also want my son to enjoy his childhood as much as he can. Jules and I will do everything we can to make Yohan a happy child.

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