Sunday, November 05, 2006

Full Moon Celebration

The persistent ringing of a cellphone woke me up. It was Jules' badminton partner, confirming their morning game schedule. Jules went off to his badminton tournament early in the morning. When Yohan woke up, his Dad already left so he wasn't able to greet him Happy Birthday. I was feeling sad because this was the first time Jules won't be celebrating his birthday with us.

Today is also the birthday of my sister-in-law Ves. She has invited the whole family to lunch over at Banai Banai in Lipa. Jules was the only one absent in the family get together.

We didn't prepare anything for Jules' bday because he'll be out most of the day. But somehow, something felt awfully wrong. I just couldn't let this pass like an ordinary day. Feeling inspired, I thought of setting a small surprise for Jules. Mark and Joan were nice enough to drive me to Red Ribbon. I bought Jules chocolate mouse with a short birthday message and KFC chicken bucket meal.

While waiting for Jules to arrive, I noticed the big, bright moon. It's beautiful. It's a full moon tonight. It's a nostalgic sight seeing moonbeams illuminate the surroundings.

Jules arrived a little before 10:30 P.M. Good thing, Yohan was still wide awake because he was able to take a nap late in the afternoon. Before Jules arrived, I already briefed Yohan about our plan. We agreed to hide in the kitchen and wait for Daddy to enter the house. I lighted the birthday candle and waited for Jules to come near. Yohan and I sang Happy Birthday to Jules. He looked very surprised and touched about the turn of events.

Yohan helped his Dad blow the candle. He was also very eager to help his Dad open the birthday presents.

The surprise was well appreciated by Jules. I'm happy that we were able to celebrate Jules' bday together after all.

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