Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Big Crab Just For Me

I love eating crabs but I haven't mastered the skill of eating it yet. I'm a bit clumsy when it comes to opening the hard shell and prying into the crab flesh. Probably because I grew up being dependent on someone else to remove the crab meat for me. When I was younger, my parents or my yaya (nanny) would help me eat my crab by getting the meat from the shell and putting it on my plate. They did the same for my brother. I have gotten used to it that even as I grew old, my yaya would continue to help me eat my crab.

As you may well know, my yaya (nanny) is still with me until now. She took care of me when I was a baby and she hasn't left me after since. She's very loyal and devoted to my family. When I got married, my yaya decided to come live with me.

During the early months in our relationship, Jules found out that my yaya still helps me eat my crabs. He was very surprised. ha! ha! I guess he thought it was weird and quite funny. Anyway, he made it his goal to teach me the proper way of eating crabs ... ON MY OWN. i admit it wasn't that hard after all but I sometimes end up with a little cut on my finger.

Now I manage to eat crabs by myself. But I confess, I'm still a little clumsy with it. I realized it's more fun when you eat it solely on your own effort. Well, I won't be entirely honest if I say I don't get any help because my husband sometimes helps me crack the crab claws.

I ate this yummy big crab (on the photo) without any help. :D

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