Monday, November 06, 2006

Gratitude Note to My Friends

"A friend is never a coincidence in your life. They are once a stranger, meant to come in your life to bring you priceless lessons and wonderful memories."
I came along this nice quote but I don't know who it orginally came from. I agree that friends come into your life for a purpose. Friends offer comfort, kindness, understanding, guidance, care and love.

I'm thankful for all my friends. They have kept me hopeful during tough times and helped me stand up back on my feet whenever I fall.

It's always fun to be with friends. Enjoying common things together is a wonderful way of spending time.

I have friends that I haven't seen or talked to for a long time. The nice thing is, I realized that dormant friendship can easily be reawakened by a letter or a phone call. Sometimes a chance meeting can bring back old memories and rekindle the almost forgotten friendship.

I believe that the only way to be a good friend is to be one yourself. Friendship is a give and take relationship. A constant exchange of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and ideas will help friendship grow stronger. As long as you remain true to one another, friendship will continue to flourish.

Diappointments are not uncommon. I met a few who I thought initially were friends but somewhere along the way, we realized we're not compatible or we really have nothing in common. That's part of life. People may come and go, but true friends always find a way of holding on to the friendship and staying.

Thank you to all my friends who have been with me all these years. Thank you also to all my new found friends. I hope we can continue to enjoy each other's company and have more quality time in the years to come.

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