Saturday, November 11, 2006

Our Tree is Up

Jules put up the Christmas tree this afternoon. Yohan was sleeping when Jules was putting it up. As if on cue, Yohan woke up from his nap when it was time to decorate the tree. He helped give the Christmas ornaments to his Dad while I handed out the Christmas lights. I noticed that Yohan couldn't sit still because he seemed very excited to see the Christmas tree. Yohan was given the honor to put the angel on top of the tree. It was amuzing how Yohan neatly put his Christmas presents under the tree. I really hope he can wait until Christmas before he opens them.

I almost fell for Yohan's ploy when he asked me to play make believe with him. He assigned me as Yohan while he took on the role of Santa Claus. He got one present under the tree and gave it to me. "Present for you from Santa Claus," said Yohan. "It's Christmas time, open your present now." ha! ha! It seemed that Yohan tried to trick me into opening one his presents. :D

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