Saturday, November 11, 2006

Richard and Susay

Jules'good friend, Susay is in town. We had a nice get together on Richard's birthday last Nov. 7, 2006.

It's refreshing to talk to Richard and Susay because of their infectious sense of humor.

We had a follow-up get together the following day at Susay's place. Jules baked fresh apple pie and made Carbonarra. We also brought bread and drinks for the occasion. Susay prepared delicious barbecue and fruit salad. Richard came in very late because of an extended job interview. We had a lovely evening. We shared good food, a nice bottle of champagne and great laughs.

Susay loves collecting shot glasses from every country she has visited. She recently went to New York and Florida. It was very thoughtful of her to give us gifts from her recent trip. Susay gave me a Victoria Secret cologne spray and a NY t-shirt for Jules.

We plan to watch a movie and perhaps go to one of those comedy stand up bars some time this month. It's good to know that Susay will be spending the holiday season in the country.

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