Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Craft Day

Today, Yohan and I made another project. We had fun making a board game. We cut the board game pieces from a Paper Models book and had a great time putting them together. Here are some pictures of Yohan enjoying the Board Game project.

Next year, I will enroll Yohan in the art class at The Little Gym. I noticed that he loves the art segment during Camps at The Little Gym so instead of the usual gym time, I will enroll him in the art class for a change.

Here's a recent photo of Yohan, Teacher Meanne and Teacher Michael at the show day at The Little Gym a few weeks ago. Yohan has been going there since he was a year old. He has grown fond of his teachers and classmates. It's his Christmas break. I'm sure he will miss his friends. Yohan will be back early next year when classes resume.

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