Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Remembering Yohan's Trip to the Zoo

Yohan was only one year old when he had his first visit to the zoo. I have fond memories of Yohan's first trip to Manila Zoo. Here are some pictures taken that day. (That was me 50 pounds overweight ago. I'm so grateful to shed all those excess baggage. he! he!)

Yohan was very excited to see all the different animals in the zoo. He loved seeing the elephant, zebra, deer, orangutan, monkeys, crocodiles, tigers, turtles, birds and many more animals. Yohan had a terrific time at the petting zoo section. He was amazed to see so many butterflies in the butterfly garden. He saw beautiful birds up close as they perched on my shoulders. He touched an enormous turtle. The highlight was standing beside an ostrich and having the privilege to sit down on its back. Jules and I had some photo opportunity with a snake. That snake was very heavy when the zoo keeper put it on my shoulders. It was a fun experience.

This is dedicated to a sweet, young girl named Breann. She is the lovely daughter of Jessica. She has inspired me to post pictures of Yohan's first trip to the zoo when I saw her beautiful animal drawing. I showed the drawing to Yohan and it reminded him of the zoo. Yohan is fond of elephants and giraffes. Breann did a great drawing of a giraffe. Sadly, Yohan didn't see a giraffe when we went to the Manila Zoo. They don't have a giraffe there. When I was younger, my parents took me and my brother to Manila Zoo and I remember seeing a giraffe. I guess I'll just have to look elsewhere. There are several nice zoos in the country and hope we could bring Yohan there. Zoobic is a nice idea considering that Yohan loves tigers. Zoobic offers close tiger encounters.

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