Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Madness

This week's Monday Madness is about holidays. It's a great way of learning how others celebrate holidays in other countries.

1. Which of the holidays that you celebrate, do you feel is the most important? I believe Christmas season is very important because it's a time of sharing and rejoicing among family and friends.

2. Which holiday do you most enjoy? I enjoy Christmas the most because everyone seems to be in a festive mood. I love this time of year, because of the colorful lights and beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere I look. I love the spirit of giving and how it touches the lives of many people.

3. Is there one holiday that your family tries to get together every year? If so, which one? Our family tries to be together in most holidays namely: Holy Week, All Soul's Day, Christmas and New Year .

4. Share one special memory from a past holiday. Last Christmas, Yohan was old enough to really enjoy opening his presents by himself (see photo). I loved seeing his expression of happiness as he opened every gift under the Christmas tree. It was a memorable time that I will always cherish.

5. Name one holiday coming up, that you're really looking forward to, and why. I'm looking forward to this year's Christmas and New Year. I'm excited to see my son eagerly unwrap his presents. I'd like to see his face lit up with joy when he sees the great fireworks display this year.

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