Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dad's Pasalubong

Jules went to the 40th International Bazaar 2006 at PICC last Sunday with his mom and sister. I was supposed to go with them but Yohan had fever so I decided to stay home with him. Besides, I couldn't enjoy shopping knowing that my son was not feeling well.

Jules thoughtfully brought home pasalubong (presents or treats given on the return home). Jules gave me Theobroma Belgian chocolates, a box of sinfully delicious cupcakes (Two Cups and a Pinch Bakeshop) and Pili sweets.

My little boy also received his own pasalubong. His Dad bought him a set of musical instruments. It has a drum, maracas, cymbals and a tamborine. Yohan loves to pretend that he is a member of a band so the gift is perfect. He knows that he cannot play a one-man band so he appointed me as the drummer and Jules as the maracas player while he played the cymbals. Yohan insisted we sing Santa Claus is Coming to Town while playing our instruments. We made quite a noise. ha! ha! But it was time well spent.

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