Friday, November 24, 2006

Overcoming Fear

Yohan had persistent fever accompanied by cough for several days. We brought him to the doctor for a check-up on the 3rd day. Dr. Silva gave me a prescription of medicines for Yohan. He also advised us to nebulize Yohan to ease his breathing. Good thing we were able to borrow the nebulizer from Jules' cousin. I realized that a nebulizer is an important must-have for the house because we can all benefit from it when we have stuffy nose or congested lungs.

I was a bit apprehensive about nebulizing Yohan at first because I remember when he was younger, he was totally scared of it because of the sound. He cried so much the last time we used it on him.

Jules decided to let Yohan get comfortable with the nebulizer by letting him inspect it while it was turned off. We let him play with the nebulizer mask and told him that it will make him feel better. He was in a listening mood so we took advantage. We practiced putting the mask on Yohan's nose and mouth while the machine was turned off. Giving him time to get used to the machine was a great help. It somehow prepared him for the actual thing.

He was still a little scared at first but this time he didn't cry. When he showed fear, I demonstrated that it was harmless and there was nothing to be scared of by putting the mask on myself. When he saw that it was not going to hurt him, he gave it a try. He quickly realized that it felt good. He wanted to hold the mask by himself. Yohan was even smiling. It was a good sign that he lost all his fear about nebulizing.

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