Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Toni - My Inspiration in Blogging

I made my first blog post in 2004. I just wanted to express past angst. I posted two entries that year. That was it. I never had the intention of making another entry.

In 2006 I became interested in blogs, not writing but reading. One of the blogs I came across was Toni's blog ~ Wifely Steps. I found her entries inspiring, witty, funny, informative and exciting. For some time, I was a so-called "lurker", reading her blog without commenting. Then I started reading her comment boxes. I was amazed how her readers seemed to know her quite well and vise versa. I realized Toni had readers who commented on her blog regularly. I found that very interesting and I decided to cross the bridge by making my first comment. I thought that in order to leave a comment, I should have a blog. That inspired me to make my own blog and it was then that I remembered I already had one. Toni inspired me to revive Heart of Rachel.

I came to Toni's blog for more and started commenting regularly. I remember going through her archives and found one of her old projects ~ Ref Door Project. It involved taking a photo of one's ref door and posting it. I joined this project and was included in Toni's post. She wrote this on her blog ...

"Rachel’s ref door is so cute. The little trinkets seem to be gathering around her son’s picture on her ref. Quite organized! She’s looking forward to collecting more bear magnets from Starbucks. Of all her cute magnets, I like the lamb the most!"

I gained new blog friends because of that post. Learning from Toni, I began taking photos of things around me like food, drinks, trinkets, books, toys, flowers, pets ... anything that caught my fancy. I began to write about everyday slices of my life. It was the start of a new passion ~ blogging.

Thank you Toni for being my inspiration. Advance Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary and Happy 5th Anniversary to Wifely Steps.

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