Thursday, September 04, 2008

First Day of Badminton Lessons

Some of you may already know that I had been recently diagnosed with mild asthma. The doctor prescribed an anti- asthma medicine. I was also told to involve myself in some form of regular exercise.

I used to go to the gym with fellow moms. We had regular Tae Bo sessions but when the recent school year ended, I just wasn't able to maintain it. Summer vacation simply enticed me into a deep lull. Several months of inactiveness took its toll because it somehow lowered my immune system. I also admit, I gained a lot of weight this year. It's so depressing just thinking about it.

Hubby has always been encouraging me to play badminton. He has been playing badminton for several years now and he has brought home several trophies. I admire the way he plays and I told him before that I would like to learn proper badminton techniques. He told me this is a good opportunity to take up badminton lessons because it will be a good form of exercise for me. So he enrolled me in badminton lessons with his trainer which he fondly refers to as Coach.

Yesterday was my first badminton lesson. It was a 2-hour session which was mostly instructional. The trainer helped me establish the proper way of holding the racket then he showed me proper forehand and backhand strokes. We practiced hitting shuttlecocks using those strokes.

The trainer told me that he was happy because I'm a quick learner. I didn't expect that and his remark made my day.

Today, my right arm hurts because of yesterday's training but I still feel good. I really need regular exercise and it looks like badminton is something I will really enjoy.

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