Saturday, September 06, 2008

Adding Fun to Your Digital Lives

Today's modern age makes a lot of things seem so high tech. There are so many cool gadgets that we can use to make our lives easier, interesting and more fun. Take for example the cellular phones. Several years ago, they were just used for making calls then after a while SMS was born. Almost everywhere I go, I see people holding their cell phones. I'm amazed by the wide features of cell phones today. You can take photos and videos, edit and create all kinds of multimedia presentations. Digital cameras have many cool features too. Many cameras allow you to use special filters or effects when taking photos. If you want some help to add fun and spice to your multimedia presentations, you can check out Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. This show is dedicated to help average individuals spice up their digital lives. I particularly enjoyed watching Wedding Day Crunch. I like the idea of presenting a multimedia about the memorable highlights in the life of a couple during their wedding. You can even have the chance to win some digital prizes like an HDTV, cameras and more when you check out the site.

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