Sunday, September 07, 2008

Thank You For the Awards

Thank you Feng for giving me this Kind Blogger Award 2008. It's a sweet award that I really appreciate.

I received the Kick A*S Blogger Award twice. One is from Feng and the other one from Hailey.

What exactly is a Kick A*s Blogger? The originator of the Tag says, A Kiss A*s Blogger is someone like:

Maybe they’ve got incredible, original content. Or they’re overflowing with creativity. Is it someone that helps you become a better blogger? Or a bloggy friend you know you can count on? Or maybe it’s someone who simply inspires you to be a better person… or someone else who sends you to the floor, laughing your ass off. Whatever the reason may be, I’m sure you know at least a couple of bloggers that kick ass. Well… why not tell ‘em so?

Thank you to Maiylah for this I ♥ Your Blog Award. Thank you for thinking of me.

** Blogging has given me a share of wonderful friends online. I would like to share all these awards with you. **

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