Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #43

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Fun, Fun, Fun

I had an eventful weekend. I had three times the fun. Last Saturday, my family attended the 7th Birthday Party of Ram and Marco, sons of our neighbor. The party was held at Museo Pambata (Children's Museum). We had a chance to go around the museum. The party was held in a separate function room.

(Children's Museum)

Me and Yohan at the Body Works room. It was a fun and informative journey inside the human body through a tunnel maze.

Say What???

Yohan with one of the clowns at the party. Yohan was afraid of them at first but he gradually lost his fear as the party progressed.

SNOW WORLD @ Star City

We experienced snow for the first time. It's not the real thing but it was good enough for us. Blue jackets were provided at Snow World but we brought Yohan his own winter jacket (given by my parents). He was the only one in red. It was cute how he stood out of the crowd. It was freezing inside. In fact it was -15 degrees Celsius inside the area.

Too bad cameras (not even cellphones with cameras) were not allowed inside. There were so many beautiful ice sculptures. We had fun on the giant ice slides.

There was a long line to get in but Yohan was very patient.

Brrr!!! (taken by official photographer inside Snow World)


Yohan is a big fan of dinosaurs. We took this opportunity to check out Dino Island. It features life size moving dinosaurs.

Huge Dino attraction just outside Dino Island.

Intimidating T-Rex.

Before going inside the Dino Island Museum.


Last night I attended the PBA night at One Esplanade. I met up with fellow mommy bloggers. This is just a peek. I will share more about this evening in a separate post.

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