Saturday, September 13, 2008

Photo Hunt :: Wild

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My son, Yohan is wild about Wall-E. He first saw Wall-E in a movie preview. He was very excited about it months before the movie was shown.

I remember how anxious he was to make his own Wall-E from scratch. He also wanted to make an Eve but couldn't find the right materials. He used my old MP3 speaker to pose as Eve instead. I made an earlier post about it here.

Yohan was thrilled when we finally watched the movie at the cinema. Jules and I bought him a Wall-E T-shirt as a souvenir. We also gave Yohan a small Wall-E toy which he brings with him everywhere. Wall-E even joins us in our meals. :)

Yesterday, Jules came home with a surprise for Yohan. He gave him a DVD of Wall-E. Yohan wasted no time and played it immediately. Yohan loves his Dad's SMS alert tone (cellphone) because it happens to be the voice of Wall-E.

Wall-E home project.

Yohan with Wall-E and Eve.

Wall-E joining us for lunch.

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