Friday, September 19, 2008

Movie Time :: Something's Gotta Give

I enjoy watching old DVDs during weekends. I don't get tired of watching my favorite movies. I just finished watching one of my favorite films, Something's Gotta Give starring Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves.

Jack Nicholson plays Harry Sanborn who is a successful executive in the music industry. He is one of those Senior Singles out to enjoy life to the fullest. Harry prefers younger women like Marin (Peet). Imagine how awkward things turn out when Harry suffers a heart attack at the home of Marin's mother Erica (Keaton). Harry is left no choice but to stay at the home of Erica. The two discovers that they are strong attracted to one another. Harry's young and handsome doctor played by Keanu Reeves also falls for Erica. The highlight of the movie is the love triangle.

For those who haven't seen this old movie, I really recommend it.

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