Thursday, September 04, 2008

Apple Pie With A Twist

My husband loves cooking. He likes trying out new recipes. He often gets new recipes by reading cook books, watching cooking shows and browsing through the Internet. He doesn't think of cooking as a chore because it's something he really enjoys. Our kitchen is his turf. Sometimes I watch him while he's cooking. It amazes me how much he loves preparing meals for us.

At least once a week, my husband likes to try a new recipe. He likes to cook different kinds of dishes and he even ventures into making desserts. One of the favorite desserts that he likes to prepare is apple pie crumble. It's easy and fast to make. It's a delicious dessert that we all enjoy. Sometimes when there is a special occasion in the family, my husband makes apple pie crumble as a gift.

Apple pie has become a favorite dessert in our family. To make it more special, we sometimes buy vanilla ice-cream. The result is apple pie ala mode. We have tried other ice-cream flavors like chocolate and strawberry but we prefer vanilla ice-cream with our pie. My hubby read an apple pie recipe that uses Mdjool Dates and almond nuts. My hubby is thinking of giving the recipe a try one of these days.

** Courtesy of Oh Nuts! **

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