Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Storytelling in Filipino Part 2

Thank you for your encouraging remarks on my earlier post, Storytelling in Filipino. The school activity went well. The parents were asked to read their respective story books to their children. After reading the story, each family were given paper, pencil, colored pens and crayons. Parents were requested to help their children draw the lessons that they have learned from the stories.

The story that I read to Yohan was entitiled, "Ang Mabait Na Kalabaw." It's about a carabo blessed with a kind heart. He is good to his fellow carabaos, other animals, children and caretaker. He is helpful and has a happy disposition in life.

I read the Tagalog words and translated them in English to help Yohan understand the story. Yohan enjoyed the short story. I'm happy because he learned a lot of Filipino words during the activity like kalabaw (carabao), mabait (good), kaibigan (friend) and masaya (happy), matulungin (helpful) and mapagmahal (loving).

Yohan coloring the images.

Here is drawing that Yohan and I did for the activity.
The words written below: "Gusto ko maging mabait tulad ng kalabaw."
(Translation: I want to be good like the carabao.)

The drawings of the children were posted on the wall inside the school. The drawings will be displayed during the celebration of the Philippine language or "Buwan ng Wika".

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