Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hunting For Hearts

Last Thursday, I read Yohan's assignment notebook. There was a note from the teacher requesting the children to bring "mga pagkain na hugis puso na ipamamahagi sa mga kaklase" (food that are heart-shaped to be shared with classmates) for the last day of the Buwan ng Wika (celebration of the Filipino language). I was surprised that it was due the following day (Friday). Imagine we only had one day to look for heart-shaped food to bring for Yohan's classroom activity.

I even shared this with my Plurk buddies. Hubby was in Makati that day and I sent him an SMS right away to look for something that Yohan could bring to school. After a few hours he sadly told me he couldn't find any. When he got home he told me that he will try to look again tomorrow morning. Good thing Yohan's schedule for Friday was set in the afternoon so my hubby still had time to hunt for the elusive heart-shaped food of any kind. If Jules had more time, he would have baked some heart shaped cookies but he was quite busy.

I was about to give up and write to Yohan's teacher that we couldn't find any heart-shaped food for the activity when Jules came home with these...

heart-shaped marshmallows

heart-shaped lollipops

I'm thankful for my husband's successful heart hunting efforts. I wish the school would give parents more time to buy future things for classroom projects and activities. On that day, Yohan gave me and my husband this cute pot which he made in school. I saw how excited he was to show it to us when he got out of class. I must say they learned a lot about the "hugis puso" (heart shape) that day.

I was curious about what the other moms brought that day so I asked around. My friend ordered heart-shaped donuts from Hot Loops. Another mom brought pretzels. Apparently many parents couldn't find any heart-shaped food so they just brought different kinds of food for the sake of sharing.

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