Saturday, August 02, 2008

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The anticipation of a new baby is always a wonderful and exciting news. A baby on the way is a great blessing worth celebrating for. One way of celebrating the arrival of a new baby is through a baby shower. I'm sure many of you have already been to a baby shower. For the benefit of some who have not yet experienced this fun occasion, a baby shower is simply a party dedicated for an expectant mother. It is usually thrown by the expectant mom's friends or relatives. Sometimes the baby shower can be a surprise party. It's a fun party involving a woman's friends, family and colleagues from work. There are baby-related games and activities.

Guests often bring an assortment of gifts intended for the baby. There are many wonderful baby shower gifts to choose from like baby clothes, booties, baby supplies, toys, books, photo albums, photo frames, diaper bags, towels, blankets, baby monitors, car seats, changing tables, baby carry baskets, baby strollers and other baby furniture . If you know the other attendees to the baby shower, it's a good idea to coordinate with one another so that the anticipating mommy can receive a wide range of gifts and lessen chances of duplicated gifts.

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