Monday, August 06, 2007

PMN August Fam Pic :: Glossy

Pinoy Moms Network is featuring a monthly theme photo sharing called Fam Pics.

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All photo entries must be home or family related, original and owned by the PMN member who is posting it.

Theme for the next 12 months:

August 2007: Glossy
September 2007: Potted (anything in a pot)
October 2007: Green
November 2007: Plated (anything on a plate)
December 2007: Messy
January 2008: At play
February 2008: Straight
March 2008: Learning
April 2008: Heavy
May 2008: Inside the fridge
June 2008: Bliss
July 2008: Imeldific (shoes, naturally!)

Transformer Glossy Appeal:

Yohan loves Transformers. We watched the movie together and he had a great time. We bought him this Transformers t-shirt and it has a glossy Autobot seal on it. At the mall, Yohan saw this cool Optimus Prime helmet. It was still a little big for him but he enjoyed trying it on. The helmet had a tinge of glossy effect because of the lights.

updated: 8/7/2007 at 3:18 p.m.

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