Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Patience, Hope, Faith

Life does not always guarantee you of a smooth ride. Sometimes you encounter a few puddles or rough spots that are hard to avoid. Small obstacles are easy to overcome. You can go through them with little hesitation.

What if it’s not a minor obstruction? What if it’s a huge boulder defying you from getting through? There is no other way to get to your destination but through it. If you turn back, chances are you can never come back. There is a need to go on this road because your future relies on it.

Sometimes, it’s easy to give up when you see the boulder blocking your way. The giant rock blocks the other side. You cannot even take a glimpse of what lies ahead.

I've been on this road. I was verwhelmed by this huge obstacle. It looked formidable and it stood firm on the ground as if nothing could ever make it move from its place. I pushed but it wouldn’t bulge an inch. I felt hopeless. I was about to turn around. Clueless where to go and too weak to continue but I heard footsteps coming.

I waited. A familiar face. I saw something in that person’s eyes. Hope.

Together we pushed. Nothing. Then we pushed again. Still nothing. It was a terrible feeling. Perhaps it was impossible. We looked at each other and agreed to give it another mighty push.

One, two, three … “Push!!!” We gave everything we got.

Like an answered prayer, it moved but just enough for us to see what lies ahead. It was a lovely sight. Beautiful horizon, colorful flowers and butterflies fluttering around. The sky was in technicolor... a rainbow!

We smiled at each other. We knew we just have to get there no matter what but we were so exhausted. We didn’t have energy left to push anymore.

What next? Perhaps, for now we can rest and admire the beauty just within our grasp.

We agreed to come back and wait until our energies return to normal. Patience. That’s all we need now. Perhaps, tomorrow, we can continue to push the boulder. Hope. If we work hand in hand, who knows, we can push it far enough for us to be able to go through that small space. Faith.

Patience. Faith. Hope.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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