Friday, February 13, 2009

Happiness is...

My blog friend, Odette is celebrating her birthday on February 14, 2009. I think it's wonderful to be born on Hearts Day.

Advance Happy Birthday Odette! Wishing you best of health, happiness and more inspiring moments.

This is my entry on Odette's Birthday Giveaway:

Happiness is...
  • watching the sun reveal itself in the morning
  • morning kisses from my boys
  • pancakes and fresh fruits for breakfast
  • extra serving of potato salad
  • movies and popcorn
  • finishing a good book
  • a of blueberry cheesecake
  • my parents and brother's voices at the other end of the line
  • shopping galore
  • chat with friends
  • frozen margarita
  • flowers and fluttering butterflies
  • a sweet SMS (text message)
  • rainbow in the sky
  • emails from family and friends
  • snail mail from people I love
  • Bruno's bark of delight
  • sales and discounts
  • birds singing in the morning
  • yohan's happy drawings and fun crafts
  • a trip to the salon
  • colorful gel pens
  • a field of sunflowers
  • banana and strawberry smoothie
  • new shoes and handbags
  • captivating sunsets
  • goodnight hugs and kisses
  • starry nights
  • white sandy beaches
  • weekend getaways
  • carefree moments
  • whisper of sweet nothings
  • soft and cuddly pillows
  • teddy bears
  • blog comments
  • good health
  • taking photos
  • laid back days
  • quality time with the family

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