Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting a Tattoo

A tattoo is a permanent marking on the skin. Tattoos have been used for many centuries now. Some tribes used tattoos to mark one's status or rank in the society. It has also been used as some form of rite of passage. Some tattoos symbolize religious aspects while others signify more personal things. In today's modern world, a tattoo has become a form of self expression. I think that every tattoo is a work of art.

When I went to Boracay, a famous beach in the Philippines, I saw different kiosk-like areas offering professional tattoo services. Huge posters of tattooed bodies are displayed in such places. I find tattoos fascinating. I have seen many beautiful tattoos; some in black and others in color. I do not have any tattoo on my body. The closest thing I've had was a henna tattoo which is only temporary. My friends and I had henna tattoos done at the beach. It was a fun experience. My two friends chose dragons while I picked a simple butterfly design.

The tattoo artist told us that getting a permanent tattoo should not be done on a whim. A tattoo should having meaning for the person. To learn more about tattoos, you can check out this Tattoo Chat. Remember that a tattoo is something personal and should be treasured.

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