Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Functional and Stylish Bathroom

Many modern houses today circle around three important factors: function, style and comfort. Many homeowners and designers value the combination of these characteristics in a home. Time and effort are invested in planning and designing the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, entertainment room and the bathroom.

In older times, the bathroom’s most important feature is functionality. Today, homeowners and designers make the bathroom as comfortable and pleasing to the eyes as possible. In fact, people prefer stylish and elegant Bathroom Suites.

Do you want a lovely bathroom at home? Picture how you would want your bathroom to look like. Start envisioning colors, designs, styles, and accessories. Work on those ideas one by one. You may begin by painting the walls of your bathroom with a color of your choice. Try a color that is gentle and soothing to the eyes. If you’re not sure about what color to pick, consider neutral tones because they are easy to blend with other colors. Pick tiles that will compliment the walls. If you choose plain tiles, you can add border or accent tiles with a lovely design. It is best to invest on quality bathroom fixtures. Try adding bathroom furniture pieces such as cabinets to serve as extra storage for your bathroom supplies. For a touch of aromatherapy, you can put candles or scented oils.

You can also get ideas by reading home design magazines. You may visit bathroom showrooms to see bathroom display set-ups. You can get ideas about how to combine bathroom furniture and fixtures. Another option is to consult with a professional home interior designer.

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