Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tennis Lessons

When I was in first year college, I took up tennis lessons with two of my friends. We enrolled in a group tennis lesson program. My parents didn't immediately buy me my own racquet because the program provided participants with Tennis Racquets and tennis balls. Half way through the program, I asked my parents if I could have my own racquet. They saw my interest in the sport so they didn't hesitate to buy me one. I remember how happy I was that day when I got my Prince tennis racquet.

My friends and I finished the group tennis program. We had a wonderful time and gained new friends. There was a tennis tournament on our last day. The three of us all earned respective medals. My parents got me a personal trainer so I could continue my tennis lessons after that. Sadly, after several months, I stopped my training because I had to concentrate on my academic subjects and numerous school organization activities.

It has been years since I last played tennis. I would like to be given a chance to play again. Summer is fast approaching and I'm considering taking up this sport again.

** Courtesy of Do It Tennis **

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