Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lovebird In Mourning

Lovebird in quiet mourn.

My son loves animals. I remember his nursery teacher telling me how enthusiastic Yohan was on Show and Tell Day (Bring a Pet). He loves all our pets and he even prays for them at night. We have a Labrador named Bruno, a flower horn fish, a small tank of guppies, two lovebirds and two African lovebirds.

Two days ago one of our love birds died. I noticed how quiet the birds were that day. I usually hear the distinctive chirping of the African lovebirds but that day, they were strangely quiet. When I checked I noticed that one of the lovebirds was standing on the lifeless body of its partner. I realized that the birds must have been quietly mourning for their dead friend. When I told Yohan, he felt deeply sad. I didn't let me see the dead lovebird anymore. I told him that soon we need to buy a new lovebird so that the sad one will have a new partner.

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