Sunday, February 22, 2009

Festival of the Arts '09

Yohan's school celebrated ART Tayo! Festival of the Arts '09 from Feb. 16-20, 2009. The culminating event of the week was the Field Demo and Art Galing! activities held last Thursday, Feb. 19 on school grounds.

Activity 1: Field Demonstration - All the students prepared special numbers for their parents. The preschool, grade school and high school levels had their respective presentations.

Preschoolers getting ready for their cheering activity.

Activity 2: Clay Molding - Preschool students were asked to mold their favorite land and water forms.

Yohan making his won Volcano and Waterfall.

Yohan pretending to be burned by the lava.

Activity 3: Exhibit Viewing - All the students' works were put up on the walls around the school.

Grade School and High School art works on display.

Yohan's art work entitled 'The Scary Underworld'.

Activity 4: Heart Designing
- Every preschool student was given a heart frame with his/her picture. Each heart had a plain frame for students to decorate.

Yohan's decorated heart frame.

Activity 5: Paper Folding - During this activity Yohan's adviser told me that she discussed paper folding in class a few days ago. To her surprise, Yohan said that another name for paper folding is Origami. :)

Hubby and son creating different kinds of origami.

Hubby and son created a basketball hoop, leaping frog, and paper airplane (not in the picture).

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