Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yohanism #12

I showed Yohan his new Shrek battery operated toothbrush.

Yohan: Is this mine?
Me: Yes, it's from my friend, Jo.
Yohan gave me an excited look.
Yohan: I want to brush my teeth please.
Me: Ok.

Inside the bathroom ...

Yohan: I'll put the toothpaste by myself.
Me: Ok.
Yohan put some toothpaste and I saw his thrilled expression when he pressed his battery operated toothbrush for the first time.
Me: That's good Yohan. Keep brushing.

After brushing ...

Yohan: Is this just like Daddy's toothbrush?
Me: Yes, Dad has an mechanical electric toothbrush like that.
Yohan: How about you?
Me: I don't have one.
Yohan: It's okay mommy. You can borrow mine. :)

Special thanks to Jo for this nice gift. As you can see, Yohan loves it. :)

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