Saturday, September 15, 2007

Birthday Wishes and Farewell Dinner

Happy Birthday Mom.

Happy Birthday Mom! We're very grateful for every act of kindness, understanding and love you shower on our family. May God send you blessings of good health and many more wonderful years to come.

We love you!

Jules, Rachel & Yohan

Birthday Wishes to Chanda

Celebrated Chanda's birthday in advance last Friday at Sbarro's Glorietta. Jackie and I were thrilled to meet Chanda's boyfriend later that day. Love is in the air!

L-R: Jackie, me and birthday girl Chanda.

Jackie and I took Chanda gift hunting around the mall. The birthday girl chose a lovely brown bag with large wooden bead handles. We also bought a nice sterling silver necklace with twin Terrier pendants for our friend, Heidi. Oh, how I wish I remembered to take pictures.

It was a lovely but brief get together and we plan to see each other again anytime soon.

Bon Voyage Heidi.

Jackie and I went to a farewell dinner
for our friend and former colleague, Heidi that same night at Asian Fusion at Glorietta. It was wonderful to see former officemates and friends.

Heidi treated us to a lovely banquet. I admit, I let my tummy calls get th
e better of me so I wasn't able to take pictures. LoL! My friend Joyce promised to send me copies of pictures taken that evening.

Joyce, Beth and Mireille arranged a nice presentation. There was a slideshow
highlighting memorable moments of Heidi. Everyone took turns sharing fun memories and good luck wishes. The room was filled with laughter when some shared comic antics they fondly remember about Heidi.

It was a fun and at the same time sad evening because Heidi is going to the States this October for good to live with her mom. We all wish her a promising future.

Exchange gift.

Meet my new friend Happy Hippo. Jackie gave this adorable hippo to me. You know what? Happy Hippo has a twin sister and I gave her to Jackie. :) We both have cute pals to support our wrists. A perfect blogging companion.

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