Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dolls of Today

Dolls of today are adapting to the changing fashion and culture. Just look at the dolls of my niece, Tisha. The doll at the right is a My Scene doll and the others are Bratz dolls. Plenty of make-up, big eyes and huge pouting lips.

A few years ago, I gave Tisha a Bratz Styling Doll Head for Christmas. It was a huge Bratz doll Head that you can put make-up on and style the hair. It was the first time I found out about Bratz and I was surprised at its popularity. They don't look too appealing to me but girls love them.

When I was young, I loved Barbie dolls. I had four Barbie dolls and one Skipper doll. They all had sweet looking faces unlike today's modern dolls. I wanted to have a Ken but never had one. I wish I took photos of those dolls before I gave them away to my younger cousins.

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