Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tagged :: 3 Things & 5 Best Nights Meme

I'm sorry Anna and Mitch for my late meme answers ...

Tag 1 : I was tagged by Anna to do the Three Things Meme.

Three names you go by? Rachel, Rach, Gigi (my nickname in the family)

Three physical things you like about yourself? this is not easy to answer

Three physical things you don't like about yourself? my bone structure, my sensitive skin and hips

Three parts of your heritage? i have spanish ancestry, related to a former president, sorry can't think of one more

Three things you can't stand? people who talk inside the movie theatre, people cutting in line, being blamed for something I didn't do

Three things that scare you? losing someone I love, road accidents, being alone

Three of your favorite shows
? Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break

Three of your favorite Japanese Anime?
Voltes V, Gundam, Pokemon

Three of your favorite current songs? Someday (sang by Filipina singer Nina), Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol), Out of Reach (Gabrielle)

Three movies you would like to watch? Rush Hour 3, Hairspray, The Brave One

Three of your everyday essentials? cellphone, hand sanitizer or alcohol, lip gloss

Three things you are wearing now?
white shirt, shorts, head band

Three things you want in a relationship? love, respect, security

Three physical things about the opposite gender that appeals to you?
good height, a lovely smile, nice shoulders

Three bad habits? impulsive shopper, worrying about smallest details, short temper

Three career you're currently considering pursuing? marketing, opportunities in problogging, can't think of another one

Three of your favorite hobbies? taking photos, making homemade cards, blogging

Three places you want to go on vacation?
Palawan (Philippines), New York, Venice,

Three things you want to do before you die?
see my son graduate in college, get married and see my grandchildren

Three things that stereotypically prove you're a girl? I feel good when men help open doors for me, I like pink, I enjoy watching love stories.

Tag 2: I was tagged by Mitch to recall the 5 best nights I had in my life.

First Date (high school) - Dinner at Saisaki and watched concert of Martin Nievera at Music Museum

Vacation in Puerto Galera - I can't remember exact date but it was a memorable evening spent with a group of friends. We watched the sunset and part of the evening stargazing.

Honeymoon - self explanatory :)

Evening of July 18, 2003 - First night with our son, Yohan. My hubby and I spent part of the evening watching our lil' angel sleep.

Feb. 14, 2006 - Spent Valentine's at Boracay with friends. Dinner by the beach and enjoyed a couple of cocktails listening to a local band while sitting on large pillows at the beach, feet on fine sand.

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