Thursday, September 13, 2007

Designer Caramel Apples

The sight of caramel apples brought back fond memories of my childhood. I remember the first time my mom brought home chocolate covered caramel apples. I immediately fell in love on the first bite.

The colorful rows of SANFO TREATS at Glorietta was simply too tempting and I just had to try some. I enjoyed taking my time choosing what apples to buy. If I could only buy one of each.

I chose the following delectable designs ...

Mudslide Caramel Apple
"Fuji / Granny smith Apple dipped in caramel rolled in crushed oreos, strewn with milk, white chocolate and caramel and topped with chocolate droplets."

Rocky Road Caramel Apples
"Fuji / Granny Smith Apple dipped in caramel, rolled in marshmallows chocolate sprinkles, peanuts, strewn with melted chocolate."

Nutella Choco Peanut Caramel Apple
"Fuji Apple / Granny Smith Apple dipped in hazelnut cream and caramel, rolled in chopped peanuts and strewn with melted chocolate."

Yohan was more than happy to receive his first caramel apple. He was excited as his Dad sliced the lovely apple into several bite size pieces.

We tried the Mudslide Caramel Apple first and it was a delicious experience. It was chewy and sweet outside and crunchy inside.

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