Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Madness #33

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1. Do you have children in school?
Yes, my son just started attending pre-school (Nursery) at 3 years old.

2. Are YOU currently in school (any level)?
No, I'm not anymore.

3. Did you (or your children) attend a public or private school?
I attended private school from Kindergarden until Graduate School. My son also goes to a private school.

4. As far as formal education, what level have you completed?
I finished a double degree in AB psychology and marketing management. I have yet to finish my MBA.

5. Do you, or did you have loans out for your (or your children's) education?
No, I did not avail of any loan. Instead of a loan, I availed of an Educational Plan (EP) for my son (High School and College). An EP is a savings program that guarantees the availability of funds for the future education of children.

6. What are your thoughts on the cost of tuition for colleges and universities?
I couldn't believe how tuition fees have dramatically increased over the years. It's quite shocking to know that pre-school tuition fees in most international schools in the Philippines are actually higher than some college tuition fees.

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