Sunday, August 03, 2008

Printer Ink Source

On my son's recent birthday, I made personalized birthday invitations for his classmates and teachers. I designed the birthday invitations and printed them at home. I also printed small thank you tags and had them laminated. I cut out the small thank you cards and punched a hole on each one. Then I tied a string of yarn and attached a thank you tag to each birthday giveaway. I had fun making those birthday invitations and tags. My son's birthday party in school went well and everyone had a great time. Seeing my son and his classmates so happy made all my effort worth it.

I guess printing all those birthday materials consumed a lot of my printer ink. My Brother printer gives out a warning whenever the ink volume is low. I noticed a few days ago that my black ink is already low. It means I need to replace my printer ink soon. Good thing I have an extra black ink as reserve. My Brother Printer has several kinds of ink: black, magenta, yellow and cyan. Whenever my printer runs out of any of the said ink, it stops printing. To make it function again, I need to replenish the ink that ran out. That's why it is always handy to have some reserve Printer Ink handy.

** Courtesy of Pacific Ink **

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