Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Activities By the Fire Place

The coldest area in the Philippines is Baguio. It’s a favorite vacation spot of many Filipinos and tourists especially during the summer. I’ve been there many times with my family and friends. I love the distinctive smell of pine trees, lovely log cabins, lots of supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly freshly picked strawberries and most of all the cool temperature. Baguio has many ancestral houses and impressive modern ones.

In cold climate countries, it is essential to have quality source of heating for the home. I have seen beautiful houses in magazines showing how dynamic the look of fire places can be. Some people prefer classic looking Gas Fires. While some incorporate modern touches by adding natural stones as accents to Electric Fires.

I find fire places very romantic probably because many romance novels I’ve read often have a romantic scene by the fire place. Perhaps, the inviting warmth of the area makes it an ideal place for a nice romantic moment. Aside from being a romantic place, I think fire places are perfect for family bonding. I imagine the family or group of friends exchanging fun stories, remembering happy moments, roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate near the fire.

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