Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tips In Creating a Minimalist Home

I admire minimalist homes. They look so clean, organized and cozy. I think that minimalist homes are pleasing to the eyesight. They are clutter free which often makes them easy to clean and maintain. Such an environment fosters a feeling of calmness.

Here are some simple tips on how to create your own minimalist home:

1. Paint the walls with a neutral and soothing shade.

2. Choose few pieces of furniture that are essential to your needs. Take into consideration both comfort and functionality in choosing the pieces for your home. Try to go for simple furniture with solid colors.

3. Use only a few decorations. You can choose bright colors to give a nice accent to the subdued surroundings of your home. A splash of color will bring life to your home.

4. Pick out natural Rugs and runners. There are different kinds of natural materials to choose from like bamboo, coir, jute, paper, seagrass, sisal, sisool and wool.

5. Modern minimalist homes make use of accent spotlights and lovely art lamps.

6. Free your home from unnecessary clutter. Store away seasonal items. Throw away things that you do not need. Donate items that can still be used by other people.


Kay said...

Wow! I can never go for minimalism. I am so into small stuff. Wait till you see what my room looks like. Lol.

Pearl said...

Great advise...Don't think I will ever get there though. I love all my little collectables and frames.

Hope you are doing well.

Princess said...

One of my unreachable dreams!!!! (hahahaaha)

sheng said...

Oh my, i wish i could arrange my house as nice as minimalist homes..

ellen said...

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Maria @ Conversations with Mom said...

I love this style. I lack decorations not because I'm trying to fall into the minimalist category, but because I lack imagination.

renin said...

how i wish my family can be a minimalists... less cleaning... simpler...