Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yohanism #27

Sometimes I don't why what comes into my son's mind...

Yohan: "Mommy, I asked God to make me a dragon tomorrow."

Me: "But why?"

Yohan: "So I can have big wings."

Me: "You cannot ask God that. He cannot transform you into a dragon or any animal."

Yohan pouts and says, "If I become a dragon tomorrow I will use my fire breathing power!"

Me: "You know God cannot transform people into creatures or animals."

Yohan: "How about Santa?"

Me: "I'm sorry but he can't. Just think about it, have you seen a real dragon before?"

Yohan shakes his head.

Me: "That's because they don't exist."

"Fine. How about a bird?"

Ha! Ha! Yohan was in funny mood. I think he knew all along that what he wanted was impossible. In the end he conceeded. I wonder if he was testing me. :)

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