Friday, November 28, 2008

Admirable Traits Of A Law Enforcer

I was shocked when I watched the news headlines on Thursday morning detailing the terrorist attack on Mumbai. I saw the famous Taj Mahal hotel in flames and people fleeing for their lives on TV. I couldn't imagine the fear and anguish of the people caught in that terrible situation. I feel deeply sorry for the victims of the terrorist attack. So many people have been wounded and many lives were lost. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

I read that Congress President Sonia Gandhi condemns that act of terrorism. She sent message expressing her sympathy for the families of law enforcers and civilians who lost their lives in the terrorist attack.

In this kind of situation, law enforcers put their lives at risk to protect the people. They are the real heroes of the country. They play a vital part in today's fight against crime. I admire their bravery and love for their country. Being a law enforcer is not an easy job. It requires strong spirit and extreme dedication.

I believe that a law enforcer should always be in good physical and psychological condition. He or she needs to have strong sense of determination, courage and concern for the people. A good law enforcer must have good judgment and have a high degree of integrity. Taking risks is a big part of every law enforcer's life. They face tremendous pressures every day as they go to work. Their goal is to enforce the law, keep the public safe and ensure social order.

In order for an officer of the law to do his performance well, he also requires quality equipment. I believe that it is important to provide our law officers with efficient and dependable tactical gear like those found at 5.11 Tactical to aid them in their duties.

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