Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Impact of Technology on Video Games

It's remarkable how video games have changed through the years. I still remember the day when my parents brought home a Nintendo Family Computer. It makes me smile when I reminisce about the good old days. I was in elementary back then. My brother and I were so ecstatic to have our own Family Computer. It had two controller ports and a slot for the ROM game cartridge. Our favorite game was Mario Brothers. My brother was the first one to successfully save the princess in distress.

Video games have gone a long way since then. I'm impressed by how technology has revolutionized the trend of video games. Take for instance the Nintendo DS. Its amazing features include two ultra bright screens, 3D graphics, touch-screen technology and wireless communication. When I was younger, I was used to playing video games with controller ports (1st player and 2nd player options). Both players had to be sitted together in order to use the controller ports. I find it incredible that now you can play with someone even though you are not physically together. You can actually play with someone located across the globe.

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