Saturday, November 08, 2008

Frugal Spending

Everything seems so expensive nowadays. Have you noticed that your usual budget cannot purchase the same amount of things you're used to buying? The prices of many goods and services have increased. If you're worried that your budget has been affected by the price increases, then perhaps it's about time you change your spending behavior. Learn how to stretch your budget as much as you can.

Here are some random tips on how to save and stretch your budget:

1. Make a list of important things you need at the grocery. When you're there, make it a point to buy only what you have written down. Avoid make unnecessary purchases.

2. Avoid impulsive shopping. If you don't need a new pair of shoes or bag, then don't buy it just because you find it appealing to your taste. There are more important things that you can spend your money on.

3. Review your monthly bills (e.g. telephone, electricity, water, etc.) . Find out where you can cut down on consumption.

4. Watch out for sales. The Christmas holiday is just around the corner and there are a lot of mall sales that you can take advantage of.

5. If you need to buy something specific like eyeglasses, make sure you canvass around to find the best deal.

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